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Welcome to the Website for the Series MM Register of the Morris Minor Owners Club

This site is for anyone with a particular interest in the Series MM Morris Minor built between September 1948 and February 1953.


Welcome to the MMOC Series MM Register website! Recently we’ve been appointed as new registrars and we’re hoping over time to add to and generally grow the website to help aid and inform all Series MM Morris Minor owners wether you’re new to the model or a long time enthusiast. As of mid 2020 the current register has not been actively updated for a number of years and we are hoping to take on and build on the already extensive information collected over the years. Wether you know you’ve registered your vehicle(s) with the register previously, or have a vehicle which is unlikely to be registered please do take the time to fill in the register form so we can keep the register as up to date as possible! Please also feel free to email articles, pictures and write ups on your car for us to add to the website. We’re also hoping to start writing our own articles on specific points/parts, production changes and differences as well as general Series MM history to help inform owners who want to preserve their cars which between the models introduction and complete replacement saw a vast number of changes big and small! - Richard & David

Mike Perry who was the Series MM registrar for many years, passed away in December 2020.  Mike was very well known within MMOC circles and especially to Series MM owners and we would like to remember him for all his work and dedication over the years.  We extend our sympathy to his family at this difficult time.

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