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Paul Hurd's 1953 Highlight Tourer.

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PHY 28 is one of the last of the series MM's. I have a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate which records the date of build as 12-13 January 1953.

Date dispatched 14 January 1953. Destination Bristol Motor Company Ltd. The registration mark PHY 28 was issued in Bristol 19 January 1953.
Fixed to the bulkhead of the car there is a small brass plate just below the vehicle identity plate. (see photo) This confirms the car was sold by The Cater Motor Company Ltd. Bristol. The chassis number is FCA11/176385. As I live just 4 miles from the Cowley factory you could say 'it's come back home'.
I have been unable to trace the early history of the car. I purchased it in 1995 from an old friend who, sadly is no longer with us. In 1997, as there were signs of corrosion, I commenced what turned out to be a complete reconstruction of the underside including rear spring hangers, sill panels, rear quarter panels, new front wings and a complete repaint. This was all completed in a rush just in time for the Golden Jubilee Rally at Blenheim in the summer of 1998.
Over the years the brakes, suspension and engine have all received attention. In an effort to make the car safer radial tyres have been fitted and the most recent addition has been the fitting of flashers. However, these have been wired in so that they work in conjunction with the original trafficators in an effort to retain the character of the car. 
As you might guess from the photo's PHY 28 is not an every day car. However, it dose get used during the summer months and is well travelled being a regular attendee at National rallies, the series MM rally and has been to Ireland on several occasions. May be on the MOT next year!
As the chairman of the Oxfordshire and Berkshire branch I and my little car get to attend lots of local events and, as with most things organised by our branch, they usually turn into a party of some kind.  As a branch we don't take life to seriously. So if you are in the Oxford area on the first Wednesday of the month pop in to meet us at the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel. See branch details.
By the way, as I am originally from Yorkshire the Reg. No. is apt. PHY = Paul Hurd from Yorkshire and, as my brother in law informs me I am always in a two and eight!
Best wishes to all you fellow Moggy lovers.